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A golf vacation means different things to different people.

For some it is an annual escape in which to cram as many holes as possible, spent in an area covered wall to wall with courses to choose from. For others, it’s a pilgrimage to an iconic place like St. Andrews or some other championship course for the round of a life time.

My own golf trips used to be built around visiting a major championship. We’d get to walk a beautiful course laid out for a major tournament and play whatever was available nearby, whether another championship course or a lovely public course.

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Typing the phrase golf vacation in to your favorite search engine will return endless lists of travel providers and golf packages. From Myrtle Beach to Arizona and from Great Britain to more exotic corners of the planet. From bargain basement budget offers to pampered luxury travel.

It can all be a little overwhelming…

Most golf package travel tends to cater to the “hard core” golfer who will happily play anywhere from 18 to 36 holes in a day given the chance. Few beginning golfers however envision spending entire days hitting golf balls as the ideal vacation.

Unless you’re checking in to a golf school like the Golfari at Pine Needles – and even schools will make sure not to overdo it! – golf is probably not the sole purpose of your trip and you may want to do or see a few other things on your getaway.

You can put your own vacation together and pick and choose exactly what you want. The research and planning in itself can be a big part of the fun that the trip is going to be.

If doing all the leg work yourself feels more like a downside, you still aren’t limited to just picking an off-the-shelve package that rarely includes more than a few rounds of golf and accommodation.

The good news is that you can get help: whether you are planning on traveling with your friends who share an interest in gardening or taking your family around the castles of Europe, while getting in a little golf, the sevices of tour specialist may be just what you need.

Special Group Tours founder Kate Carrigan can put together the perfect trip that includes everything on your wish list. A private tailor-made vacation doesn’t have to break the bank either!

Whether you want lots of golf with girlfriends or a little golf with lots of other entertaining things for the rest of the family, the perfect golf trip for you is out there!

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