Simple Principles of Golf Etiquette

The host of do’s and don’ts that make up golf etiquette can seem petty to the beginning golfer. But this code of conduct really is quite simple and based on both common sense and common courtesy. Something most women have plenty of.

At the heart of golf etiquette are 3 principles:

  • Respect for fellow golfers
  • Respect for the course
  • Respect for the tradition of the game

Golf etiquette: a matter of respect

Respect for fellow golfers…

…can be summed up in 2 major categories:

  • Don’t do anything that will endanger the safety of other players. This includes not standing close to a player who is about to hit and not hitting your ball if the group ahead of you is still within reach.
  • Do everything you can to keep up the pace of play. Nothing takes the fun out of golf more than dragging around a course for more than 5 hours. Be ready to play when it’s your turn and be quiet when it’s someone else’s turn.

Respect for the course…

… comes down to always leaving the course in better shape than you found it. This can be achieved by doing the following:

  • Replace your divots, the chunks of grass you take out when hitting your ball;
  • Repair your pitch marks, the dents your ball leaves when landing on the green;
  • Rake bunkers or sand traps;
  • Keep the cart away from greens and hazards.

Respect for traditions...

…surrounding a game that, unlike most other sports is played without the presence of a referee, and relies solely on the integrity of the players. A little consideration for decorum can be shown in

  • Complying with the dress code at the course you are playing
  • Refraining from rude behavior or loud outbursts, regardless of your competitiveness
  • Keeping accurate score

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