Pace of Play:
Tips To Keep It Moving

Women have a bad rep when it comes to pace of play. Too often men dismiss playing with women, simply assuming it will be slow.

Being a short hitter isn’t the cause of slow play, being inaccurate however does add time to the round. What you do – or fail to do – between shots sets the pace of play, not the number of strokes you take.

Following the guidelines below will keep things moving along smoothly, earning you the approval of the marshal and the gratitude of the group behind you.

Things you can do to keep up the pace of play:

  • Before starting the round, load up your pockets with tees, divot repair tool, ball markers and an extra ball.

  • Beginners or high handicappers should play from the forward tees (usually not an issue for women!).

  • Play “ready golf”: whoever is ready to hit, goes ahead – especially shorter hitters who can’t reach the group ahead.

  • Develop a concise pre-shot routine and limit the number of practice swings you take.

  • If you think your ball may be lost or out of bounds, hit a provisional ball, so you don’t have to go back. As an alternative (when not playing in a tournament): play lost or out of bounds balls from a lateral drop.

  • Limit the time you search for a lost ball.

  • When walking, use that time to start thinking about your next shot.

  • When riding a cart, drop off your partner at her ball and proceed to yours. If you’re the one riding along, take several clubs with you and start walking down the fairway after you’ve hit instead of waiting to be picked up.

  • If you’re playing into the green, take your putter with you as well so you don’t have to go back to the cart.

  • Leave your bag or cart on the side of the green that is towards the next tee.

  • Study your putting line while others are putting and hole out instead of marking your ball.

  • The first one to put out, picks up the flagstick and replaces it when everyone is done.

  • Don’t linger on the green to mark your score card. Proceed to the next tee and mark cards there.

And the best way to keep up the pace of play? Always, ALWAYS keep up with the group ahead of you!

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