Planning your Golf Vacation

Where to start? There are so many things to consider when planning a golf vacation – or any vacation for that matter! If you love researching stuff while your imagination runs free, you may feel like the planning stage of a trip is almost as much fun as the actual thing. But if getting organized isn’t your strong point, trying to make sense of the marketing onslaught that is the travel industry may drive you batty.

Whichever is your case, a simple “triage” of the possibilities will help you well on your way to put together the right vacation for you.

Who’s coming along

First of all, work out who’s joining you on the trip. Are you going with friends or is it a family vacation? When bringing the family along, they may not consider it much fun to be abandoned every day while you go play round after round. And even your friends may be put off by the idea of spending their vacation hitting ball after ball if they are beginning golfers.

How much golf

Once you know who’s coming along, decide how much golf you want to play. The occasional round can easily be added to a vacation that may be focused entirely on non-golfing activities, like touring the castles and cathedrals of Scotland. If it’s going to be a “real” golf vacation with the game as main part, what kind of golf are you looking for? Booking a package holiday in a golf resort is the best way to go if you want to get several rounds in. Spending time at a golf school may be a better option if your plan is to improve your game.

How to get around

If you’re opting for a vacation that will be a treat for everyone, the next decision to make is how to get around. Will you do your own driving or does an escorted tour in a mini-coach with an interesting guide telling you about the places you’re visiting sound far more relaxing for your small group? When doing your own driving, you’ll have to assess the travel distances right. Travel speeds can vary greatly from country to country. When choosing the escorted tour option, your specialist tour consultant will design your itinerary so that every day has the right balance of driving time versus sightseeing.

Where to go

North America, Europe, Asia or Down-Under… Take your pick. This is probably the easiest step in the decision making process! No destination is out of reach, so which part of the planet has always been on your wish list? And while you can get anywhere, golf has gotten pretty much everywhere as well, be it in varying degrees. While the USA and the UK have countless golf courses to choose from, other destinations, especially in Asia and the Middle-East are catching up.

… and for how long

Do you have only a few days to spare or are you looking for a nice, long break? A faraway destination is not the best option if you only have a few days available for the trip. Pick your destination accordingly.

These 5 easy steps should help you narrow down the possibilities to get to the perfect golf vacation!

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