Custom Fitted Clubs
A Good Thing For Women

Custom fitted clubs make hitting the ball easier, rewarding you with a lower score and more enjoyment during the round. Yet at least 90% of all golfers play with clubs that don’t fit their swing.

Unfortunately, custom fitting does not help everyone to the same degree. Good players get the most out of fitted clubs because they have developed a swing they can repeat over and over. Newer golfers, who’s swing is still inconsistent, get less of an advantage, even though they need the most help!

Does that mean beginning golfers should not bother with custom fitted clubs? Absolutely not! You don’t learn to cycle on a bike where you can’t reach the pedals, either, so why play golf with ill-fitted material? Just keep in mind that your swing goes through a lot of changes in the first stages of learning. Once you feel it’s becoming more consistent, you can get fitted and have a set of custom fitted clubs made.

Finding someone who applies good fitting practices geared towards women and knowing the basics of custom club fitting will get you a set of clubs that can have a profound effect on your game.

You have several options where to go for your fitting:

  • The golf pro at your local course can get you fitted for clubs. If you are taking golf lessons from her, she already knows your swing and flight patterns, and can make the right recommendations for your equipment.

    Two draw backs to this option: although golf pro’s learn the basics of club fitting as part of their PGA certification, not all of them get really “into it”. Your options for equipment may be limited to the brand sold in the course’s shop.

  • Club manufacturers regularly organize demo days at local courses. You’ll get to try out their various clubs by hitting balls on the driving range. That way, you can actually experience the differences and decide which one feels best to you, in combination with the measurements and recommendations made by the fitter.

    Because your time with the manufacturer’s representative is limited, you need to be aware of the characteristics of your game to get the most out of a demo session. Your choice is again limited to the brands represented at the demonstration.

  • Plenty of golf shops offer custom club fitting. Their services range from the very basic taking of measurements to using a fitting system of a particular club manufacturer, and all the way to the very elaborate and computerized fittings with the use of a launch monitor.

    You’ll usually have a wider choice of equipment brands than with the previous options. But a word of caution: not every sales person in a golf shop is a trained club fitter!

  • The custom club fitter has evolved from the occasional hobbyist working out of his garage to a high-tech professional. The most advanced fitting studio’s analyze your swing with the help of video, launch monitor and sensors. Software analyzes all the data it gathers while you are hitting balls and come up with the perfect custom fitted clubs for you. They will even tell you what brand of balls you should play!

    Since most clubfitters aren’t attached to a particular manufacturer, you have the widest possible selection. On the downside, the more elaborate fittings come with a hefty price tag.

Asking lots of questions is key when deciding what is the best option for you.

To learn more about what to ask, also read Custom Club Fitting: How Does It Work?

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