Better Golf:

Find Your Way To The Golf Course

We’ll offer you 5 solutions for better golf to the most common hurdles women have to overcome.

Television coverage of LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) events and the availability of golf scholarships for girls both have contributed to bringing more women into golf.

Equipment manufacturers, fashion designers and golf course directors are catering more and more to the female golf population.

Still, a large number of women have not found their way to the course yet. What is keeping them away?


Golf is a game surrounded by history, customs and rules that can be pretty mystifying to the uninitiated. Practical issues like what kind of equipment you need, what to wear, how to book a tee time, and, most importantly, how to master the skills to play all contribute to a feeling of “I don’t even know where to start”.

Better Golf:
A good way to get a lot of information and instruction is attending the Women’s Golf Week, held in early June at over 1,000 golf facilities across the country. During the week, women receive complimentary golf instruction specifically designed to provide a fun way to connect with the game and all its aspects in a stress-free atmosphere.


Golf has a long history of male domination. Guys happen to be stronger than us gals and often will hit the ball a mile. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better golfers, especially if they can’t hit it straight, but it can be very intimidating.

Better Golf:
Gaining distance on your shots is something that will evolve naturally, as you start playing more and hitting cleaner shots. Meanwhile, you can find comfort in the fact that shorter shots usually keep you out of trouble spots on the course!


Let’s face it: nobody likes being watched while trying to do something they’re not quite good at (yet). Standing on a tee box leaves you very exposed to critical eyes. Men are apparently more inclined to take lessons from a pro than women. The number one reason quoted by women attending my golf clinics for not taking lessons from a golf pro was that they thought the pro (mostly seen as a man) would think them stupid and would not be as patient with them.

Better Golf:
With women now taking up the game in a greater rate than men, more courses understand that they need to be women-friendly and keep female golf pros on staff.

Lack of time

This is probably the most common objection. Many women do have a very full schedule, often trying to balance a job, kids and household chores. The notion that golf “has” to take several hours adds to the notion that they just don’t have the time for it.

Better Golf:
You don’t have to play a full round of 18 holes every time you play, though. You can play 9 holes, go to the driving range, or work around the practice green. By doing that, you will be more prepared for your round, next time you do have 4 to 5 hours to spend on the course .

Bad experience

“Don’t take driving lessons from your husband.” The same goes for learning to play golf: there’s a reason why hitting a tee shot is called “driving” the ball! Countless women gave up on golf after their first try because they did not enjoy the experience and didn’t receive proper instruction.

Better Golf:
If you don’t feel confident enough to see a pro, find yourself a good friend or a peer group that can mentor you in a more relaxed atmosphere. You’ll not only give yourself a game for a life time, you’ll be making some friends along the way.

More and more opportunities are being offered to women who want to start playing golf. Take advantage of them!

Check with your local pro or contact organizations like the EWGA for upcoming events that will let you get a taste of a game you can stick with for life.

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